Puteri Gunung Ledang

Puteri Gunung Ledang is a love story taking place in 15th century Malacca. The story begins when Princess Gusti sails away from her war torn homeland in search of her love, Admiral Hang Tuah, in Malacca. There, she waits for him at Gunung Ledang. But her brother, Gusti Adipati, has plans to marry her off to Pangeran Demak, in the hopes that Demak would stop his attacks on their homeland of Majapahit. Discovering that his sister had fled to Malacca, Gusti Adipati follows suit, and offers her to the Sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mahmud, in the bid that the Sultan will protect them from the attacks of the Pangeran Demak. The Sultan, who already has a wife, agrees to take on a second. Princess Gusti, upon receiving this news, decides to return to their homeland and marry Demak, for she cannot bear the thought of staying in Malacca without her true love. Her wishes are not granted, and preparations for her wedding to the Sultan are underway. Hang Tuah, upon receiving the news of the impending wedding carries on his loyal duties, for his loyalty lies strongly with the Sultan and the State. He leads a party up the challenging Gunung Ledang to ask Princess Gusti for her hand in marriage, on behalf of the Sultan. Hurt and angry, Princess Gusti agrees to the marriage, on the condition that the Sultan grants her seven wishes. Adipati witnesses the exchange between Hang Tuah and his sister, and attacks Hang Tuah. The Admiral manages to beat him, and becomes confused over his actions. Hang Tuah promises to remain at Gunung Ledang forever because of this. Meanwhile, the Sultan is able to grant the Princess six wishes. In the final wish, the Sultan has to drive a keris into his own son's flesh to get a bowl of blood. Before he is about to drive the keris, Princess Gusti appears and rebukes him. The Sultan, hurt and angry, casts a curse on the Princess to live at Gunung Ledang, never to be seen by another human being again. Hang Tuah, upon learning of the curse, rushes to Gunung Ledang to see his love for the last time. Alas, it was too late. Their love story remains a great legend till this day.


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